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Benefits of Space Exploration

Benefits of Space Exploration.

The knowledge gained from the exploration of space fuels science and discovery, creates innovative technology, stimulates education, spurs medical advancements, supports a robust economy, improves our quality of life and contributes to a safer environment. More than 1,500 documented products have been derived from space technology, including fire-resistant materials, enhanced weather-forecasting tools and miniaturized medical devices such as an insulin pump and the DeBakey heart pump.

Click the link to read more …

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Symphony of Science

Symphony of Science.

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APOD: 2010 January 20 – The Known Universe

APOD: 2010 January 20 – The Known Universe.

This is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever found on the internet. Well worth 6.5 minutes of your time.

FAA Grants Cecil Field Spaceport License – Jacksonville News Story – WJXT Jacksonville.

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NASA -Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery

NASA -Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery.

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science@nasa – Sky-Spy Safari

science@nasa – Sky-Spy Safari.  This is really fun! Take a stroll through the cosmos and see different objects through the eyes of different telescopes.

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Mission : Science

Mission : Science.  A new NASA science site specifically for teenagers.

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NASA – Earth’s Moon

NASA – Earth’s Moon.  Amazing photo I wanted to share. Click on the link to see a larger version and read about how this photo was created.

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Thank You

Thank you for your kind comments and emails. I will really miss you all too. Have fun in the parade tomorrow! We’ll be watching.  :o)

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A Message To My Students

Dear Class:

I’m very sorry to say that I am no longer your Earth Space Science Teacher. I had no intention of ending my time at Blake today but some things changed and I am no longer able to be there. I wish I was able to say goodbye to each of you as you are all wonderful and unique students. I wish you much success in your studies and in the lives you have ahead of you. I will miss you all greatly. I know my boys will miss you too. You really are a great bunch. I hope you are able to have your Moon & Star Parties. I will have my husband drop the telescope off at school.  I found it pretty easy to figure out and it has a good user’s manual so hopefully someone else can learn how to work it. It does some amazing things!

And now a note for each of you …

Brody – you always amaze me by seeming like you don’t know what’s going on at times and then doing very well on quizzes and tests. whatever you are doing, keep it up!

Jarret – try not to get any more viruses on your computer! seriously though, i think you have a future with computers and graphics. never stop learning.

Mike – i wish you the best. you are one of the nicest students i’ve ever taught.

Kayla – stay out of trouble! 🙂  you are capable of so much more than you allow yourself at times. don’t sell yourself short.

Shawna – i’m so proud of you. keep up the studying and you will go very far in life. please keep smiling … it really brightens the room and i will miss it.

John – i really enjoy your inquisitive nature. the questions you ask in class always lead to good discussion. never lose the desire to learn!

Amelia – you are such a great student and a sweet person. i really enjoyed watching you learn. keep that motivation up and you will surely do amazing things with your life.

Rebecca – i enjoyed our talks. never give up on your dreams. you can do anything you put your mind to.

David – i love your artwork and your love of space. you remind me of myself in some ways. thank you for sharing your books with me. i left them on my desk. never stop dreaming!

I wish you all the best life has to offer. Never stop learning, dreaming or growing.

~Mrs. C

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Moon Party – Friday December 4th

Please click on the picture below to see a larger version of the invitation.  Hope to see you all there!


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Moon Party Links


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Hubbles dusty laboratory

Hubbles dusty laboratory

via Hubbles dusty laboratory.


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Amazing Space: Explorations

Amazing Space: Explorations.  We may use some of these activities in class this week.

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No Escape: The Truth about Black Holes

No Escape: The Truth about Black Holes.

A black hole is an object whose gravity is so strong that its escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Since nothing is known to exceed the speed of light, nothing can escape from a black hole.  We talked about the speed of light in class last week.  The speed light travels in empty space is 2.99793 X 108 m/s, or 186,000 miles/second.  That’s fast!  If it travels 186,000 miles per second, just imagine how far it would travel in a year.  That distance is the definition of  a light year.

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Build A Star Finder – Yerkes Activity

Build A Star Finder – Yerkes Activity.  A third option for making a star finder. I might like this one the best so far.

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Another Star Finder


We may use this one as well or instead:

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The Space Place :: Make a Star Finder

The Space Place :: Make a Star Finder.  We will use this site this week to make a star finder in preparation for our Moon Party on Friday.

Posted by: Mrs. Crews | 11/18/2009

Be A Martian!

This is fun.  Be a citizen of Mars and learn a thing or two.  Check it out.

NASA – New Moon Sets Stage for Brilliant Leonids Meteor Shower.  Make sure to check out the night sky tomorrow.  Good chance to see some meteors.

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